The Reminicents Jewelry and Coin Company was founded by Bonnie and Jeff Byer in 2003, when Jeff retired and was wondering what to do. After trying to turn old coins into products that looked like gold, Bonnie out of desperation discovered the process, which is still used today. It might be added that the coins, after polishing, have no scratches and retain their original look by simply cleaning them occasionally with jewelry cleaner.

Today the company not only provides beautiful products using old coins and natural products but is growing into the only company which can meet everyone's needs in providing collectors and businesses with vast amounts of one cent coins to develop their own products and promotions.

Please browse our website and see how we can be of service to you. The Reminicents Penny Bracelet, makes a beautiful and inexpensive gift for any woman to commemorate her life.

As Jeff tells all his friends when describing the product, "Sometimes our customers have to go to the cemetery to obtain the correct years to build the bracelet." However, when you see the joy of the product and the effect it has on the wearer it is well worth the effort to research and learn just how far back your family history extends. We might add the Lincoln one cent coin started in 1909, but with the Indian Head cent we can go back as far as 1880 for a slight charge.

We also provide coins for scrap booking and private industry. Rolls which are composed of old wheat cents can be given out at store promotions or as gifts to your clients and the wrapper can be imprinted with your company name. Individual coins can be ordered and used to develop your family tree in a heritage scrapbook.

Finally for the numismatists we can help you fill your collections when you e-mail us with your lists. We will be glad to give you an estimate which is reasonable in this bull market for one cent coins.

Please feel free to e-mail us at

The website you see today will be growing by leaps and bounds over the coming years so please come back and visit it often. We're only a click away.



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